Blogging and Article Writing

Bloggers can do fluff pieces, thought provoking articles, technical reviews, detailed experiences, short articles that give advice on a particular niche. We are the curators of the internet.

You might have noticed that the types of articles making the trends today are listicles, ‘How To’ articles and basically any type of attention grabbing title with loads of media in it to make it interesting. These days people are too busy to take the time out to read a 1500 word blog, so this kind of writing is sure to go viral in the world of social media.

However, there is another kind. For avid readers of evocative, detailed blog posts turned into stories, or technical precision, this kind of writing is precious. People also like to experience a wave of emotions or something familiar while reading about an experience, a place or a feeling.

I have substantial experience in both kinds of writing. No matter what sort of blog or article you need, I’m your girl and I promise one thing above all else: quality content.