About Me

“Not a wasted word. This has been a main point to my literary thinking all my life.”
—Hunter S. Thompson



My name is Diwangna Kathuria(it’s a tough name, call me Dee). I’m a former IT Engineer,  who decided to pursue her love for writing anything and everything. I worked in a large corporate organization for 3 odd years. Mainly improving IT processes and writing piles of technical documentation solely for my company, I realized it was time to work for myself. So I packed my bags and have been on this journey ever since.

Now, I’m an independent copywriter.

What’s that? It means I work only for myself and my clients(that’s you). It’s hassle free to hire a freelancer. We’re cheaper, there’s less paperwork involved and it’s on an as needed basis. So you’re saving your valuable time and often, your money.

Where are my clients? Everywhere. I work independent of your location. Most communication is done through Skype calls, emails or over the phone. I’m basically your friendly neighborhood Spiderman — I hang out on the web and help out whenever you need me — only, I’m virtual.

What do I charge? Truth is, there is no right way to answer this. Every project and every client is different. I charge depending on the time and skill required from my end. And no, I do not charge for revisions. If you didn’t like what I wrote, why would I want to charge for that anyway?

So, want to know how much it’ll cost to get your work done?

Email me and find out! I assure you, you’ll be happy with my prices.